Teaching Rituals

& Offerings


Welcoming Ceremony

Time: 7:30pm on Wednesday

Location: Barn

Reverend Ciacchi & Amanda Rose welcome everyone to the event. You’ll be introduced to Your pathwork leads and all the useful people like: medics, our fabulous venue hosts and everyone else who can help you feel at home in our new location. Gaia Surya will lead us in an EcoSexual Courtship exercise where we can choose a non-human person to court for the full five days of our time together.

All Access Ecstatic Dance with Mel Bilodeau

Time: 9:30pm on Wednesday

Location: Barn

Mel & The EcoSomatics team will woo us with their amazing playlist and help ensure people of all abilities, bodies , sizes and comfort levels are encouraged and supported to express themselves through movement.

Mel Bilodeau: After studying much movement at a young age and moving to the west cost, I continued to learn and create choreography, mostly in a group called RADCO, till presently. Dancing the Five Rhythm Waves (Gabriel Roth), and community for 17 years has been a grand ride. So was my journey through the queer and kinky realms of PNW worlds. Mel O'Soup is entertaining Mel, as I radically add value to organic, local veggies and cater to sensitivities with healthy recipes here in Olympia.  As a devotee of Freddie Mercury, I dig singing.

Facilitated Cuddle

Time: 9:45 - 10:45pm

Location: Lotus Bell Tent Camp #3

Tea and Conversation

Time: 9:30-11pm

Location: Lodge

Thursday Morning

Morning Movement Practice

Time: 8:30am on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Location: Grizzly Flats Commons

Join Mel Bilodeau and our other Amazing Somatic practitioners in facilitated morning movement in the Barn. Activities will range from Pilates, Chi Gong, Yoga, & Dance and will have you greeting the day in an embodied way.

Thursday Plenary 3-6pm


Building EcoSexual Community throughout Cascadia  with Teri Ciacchi

Time: Thursday 3-3:45pm

Location: Barn

The Matrix of “Ecosex: Celebrating Lover Earth” offers the intended values and purpose of the event. Reverend Ciacchi will discuss her visions of the EcoSex movement. We will discuss ideas for how to embody Aphrodite and Gaia (and other ancient Gods). We will think together about how to honor the Ancestors, the Descendants and our non-human relatives as we midwife the new Aeon. Let’s learn together how to network like mycelium, cross-pollinate like bees and illuminate like Stardust throughout our bioregional home.


Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi, MSW

Ecosex Celebrating Lover Earth, an event being held on Orcas Island Summer Solstice 2018 is taking up most of the Reverend’s time right now. Being Teri includes being the relational matrix of the Living Love Revolution, being a holistic sex educator, a Priestess of Aphrodite, a leader of the EcoSexuality movement, and an EcoMagicks practitioner. We have been generating CascadiaHolistic Peer Counseling system since 1997, holding Aphrodite Temples since 2000 and co-created Surrender:The EcoSex Convergence from 2013-2017. In July 2017 she started Interdependence and Autonomy LLC, a for profit business that builds consent culture by healing conflict through education and legal advocacy, creating consent-centric events. Reverend Ciacchi looks to Nature for guidance and wisdom. She translates the teachings she receives from mycelium (mushrooms), bees and stardust into useable social skills for human beings. They lead collaborative workshops and events that honor the innate connections between humans and the Living Earth. Recent publications include essays in the books: Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love  and Queer Magic. You can find her works at the following websites: www.LivingLoveRevolution.org    www.ianda.space      www.AphroditeTemple.com  and  www.ecosexorcasisland.org.

Ecosexual Consent with Amanda Rose & Consent Ambassadors

Time: 4 -6pm

Location: Barn

Amanda will lead us in defining and refining our event’s definition of Ecosexual Consent.. Expect to get up and participate in riotous roleplays of consensual negotiation. Explore where desire lives in your body and how to lovingly request that your needs get met.


Amanda Rose, a Portland based anthropologist, sex positive educator, and activist is dedicated to the removal of conditioned shame and stigma currently surrounding human sexuality and relationships. As a community leader, Amanda works to refine solid practices necessary to an inclusive, conscious community. She has organized and facilitated over a hundred events.

Evelin Dacker, MD is a sex-positive Integrative Family Medicine physician. She is active in creating a safe space for LGBTQIA youth and adults and helping people through illness, trauma, and life transitions towards finding balance and joy. She incorporates a multidisciplinary approach with principles of gratitude and pleasure to support her patients in creating their own wellness.


In addition to practicing medicine, Evelin (pronounced Ev-ah-leen), is the current CEO of SexPositive Portland. She created the safer sex communication model STARS to help facilitate open and honest sex conversations. She is a consent and sex educator, sexual health activist and TEDx speaker (on STARS).

Ecosexual Ritual: Opening of Lilith Forest with Katalin Koda, Gaia Surya, Teri Ciacchi, the ritual team, & community

Time: Thursday 7:30-9pm

Location: Grizzly Flats/Commons

In our opening ritual, we will come together to explore a story about how the garden of Eros is torn into competition and judgement, and how non-human wisdom can help us Turn The Wheel and reclaim our ability to celebrate life. We are invited to explore this story with our bodies, dancing through the stages of being lost and found, numb and feeling, blind and listening. Join us as we practice transforming dualism into holistic acts of communion.

Drum & Dance, Stories & Song

Time: Thursday 9-10pm Drum & Dance Circle, 10pm-midnight Song & Story Circle

Location: Community Fire Pit in Meadow

Dance around the fire and under the stars! Bring your drum, instrument, favorite song or story to share. Loud drumming will end by 10pm to respect the neighbors, with song, stories and soft drumming continuing into the night.

Facilitated Cuddle

Time: Thursday 9-11pm

Location: Lotus Bell Tent Campsite #3

Are you feeling the desire for gentleness and quiet? Would you like to hold or be held? Come settle into an oxytocin rich cuddle pile for as long or as little as you wish.  

Taste of Aphrodite Temple with Teri Ciacchi & Living Love Revolution Priestesses

Time: Thursday 10pm-Midnight

Location: Lodge

Enjoy two hours of facilitated small group sacred sexual healing led by Aphrodite Priestesses of the Living Love Revolution. Five groups with 5 people in each group will allow each participant to clearly state what they desire and to have the opportunity to receive it. All boundaries, limits and existing relationships are respected. This offering is just a taste of the Aphrodisiacal retreats created by Living Love Revolution. All our works create sex-positive, consent- oriented, queer-centric, poly-normative sacred space. Open to all people of all genders, sexualities, bodies, relationship structures and evolutionary momentum. Oxytocin Anyone? For more information about our work please see www.AphroditeTemple.com

An Introductory Salon will be provided Thursday 1:30pm at Holy Smokes Ancestral Lounge. Attendance to evening program will be available to first 21 people who attend introduction.

Friday Afternoon


TranSacred with Jazz Goldman & Dylan Wilder Quinn

Time: Friday, 2-4pm

Location: 16ft Bell Tent


Celebrate all of our sacred bodies and spirits together in a trans- and GNC*-only space. Through ritual, witnessing, sharing, and being in pleasure together, we will honor all that is sacred and incredible about our bodies, our survival, our gender fuckery and the long history of “trancestors” who came before us.


*GNC stands for Gender non-conforming and includes all people whose gender identity (and not necessarily gender expression) falls outside the gender they were assigned at birth. All bodies welcome.


Jazz Goldman (they/them pronouns) is a hyper-queer future person of the femme, non-binary and trans variety. As an artist, yogi, educator, professional cuddler and sexual explorer they believe in transparency, directness, open-ness and honest communication. As an intuitive and healer, their number one strategy is loving presence, open-heartedness and non-judgment. Let the soul fly on the breeze and be tantalized by the very rocks and stones. All is divine love!


Jazz took on the role of education and relationship/intimacy councilperson back in 2010. They believe in deprogramming shame, heteronormativity and any other systemic mode of control through self-inquiry, analysis, philosophy and divine love. Let’s change the world together!


They live in Seattle, where they alternate their time between working 9-5, teaching yoga, and creating mixed media and performance art in the local co-operative Play They. Find them on insta/facebook as Jazz Goldman or via their website jazzygold.com

image taken by tinyboxmedia.com

Dylan Wilder Quinn (they/them pronouns) is the founder of Wildly Healed, an organization that seeks to create a platform of systemic liberation with a lens of healing our individual and collective traumas through connection, spirituality, pleasure, and political change. When they're not being tied up and dominated by the Earth and their other lovers, they spend their time practicing mindfulness through dancing and play, and as an anti-racist, trans-inclusive, and consent celebratory organizer. Dylan is a working class-encultured, trans nonbinary white person. They facilitate trans and gender education workshops, white culture workshops, sensual and pleasure parties, DJ musical experiences in the ecstatic dance world, read tarot, and collectivize with people who know that another world is possible. 

Unspelling the Patriarchy Within: Healing Together as Male Folk
With Mae Lamb & Jeffery Oshala

Time: Friday 2-4pm

Location: Barn

Fellas, we got some work to do! This workshop will bring together all those who identify as male. Patriarchy hurts all of us, and as male folk it is our responsibility to understand the roles we play in perpetuating gender-based oppression, and support one another in healing from the ways we ourselves have been impacted. Together we'll unpack the ways we've been conditioned to internalize toxic masculine archetypes that have harmful impacts on our communities, our sexuality, and our relationships. 

Ian Mae is an ecosexual herbalist, a licensed body-worker, peer counselor, a feminist and a queer, poly, genderfluid PAMP (person with access to male privilege) of European descent who has several years of experience participating in and facilitating transformational men's circles in the Portland area. He has magical background in Reclaiming Witchcraft, as well as the Northern Mysteries and works closely with the Runes as ancestral guides and teachers. He believes that men working together to heal themselves and each other is a critical step on the journey towards collective liberation.

Jeffree Oshala’s experience stems from a background of Conflict Resolution, Feminist Studies, Anti-Oppression Activism, Magic, and the formation of a Men’s group focused on connection, healing, and accountability. He has a background in Conflict Resolution, a career working with people in the developmentally disabled communities, lives on an urban land-based communal living project, and supporting the start-up and process of Men’s groups and leading workshops in the Portland area. He has a background and training in western herbalism, and is also a 3rd year student at the Blue Iris Mystery School. Jeffree aims to weave together his passions in Magic, Conflict Resolution, Feminism, and land-based ethics to work with male identified people to heal the wounds of patriarchy.

Have you Felt your Vulva?
Helena Palmqvist

Time: Friday 2-4pm

Location: Lodge

Whether you feel inspired to create whimsical sex-positive art, an emblem of your sex, or a three-dimensional teaching tool, join us in creating a clithora* of vulvas. 


This workshop offers an opportunity to discover a profound new relationship to your body, learn the basics of felting, or simply delight in feeling up wool and geek out on sex and bodies with a group of rad folk.


/ ˈkliTHərə/ 

collective noun

a large number of vulvas


Helena is passionate about people being empowered and embodied - loving themselves, their bodies, and each other just as they are: divine beings. She's a choice and pleasure activist and dedicates most of her time to Options for Sexual Health (British Columbia's Planned Parenthood), and empowers people in making embodied and informed choices as a coach, birth doula, and Novice Aphrodite Priestess. Her gentle, playful, and loving presence will have you be at home both in your own skin and in your creative expression.

Roots to Shoots: The Queer Sex Positive Origins of EcoSex
Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi

Time: Friday 4-6pm

Location: Lodge

What is Ecosexuality and what does it have to do with Queerness? How did Portland become the Cascadian focal point of Ecosexual identity? We will start with a review of locally produced ecosexual medias and a brief definition of the Ecosex movement. Through chants, poetry, grounding exercises and personal narrative Reverend Ciacchi will share how the Living Love Revolution moved to Portland in 2012 in order to produce the first public ecosexual event in the Pacific Northwest. From the movies of Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle, (Goodbye Gauley Mountain, Water Makes Us Wet) to the recent episode on Vice network’s Slutever show, Ecosexuality is blossoming in the independent media. Dance, peer counseling, animist practice and Ancestor worship are all a part of the dynamic holistic magicks that ecosexuals produce.


All of this creativity and community is embedded in, and thus inseparable from the social activism movements that began in 1960’s & 70’s and continue to today. Sex Positivity and EcoSexuality are specifically rhizomatic off shoots of the radical outsider communities within Feminist, Neo-Pagan and LGBTQIA subcultures and the art/activism/intermedia they produce. Reverend Ciacchi’s decades long, Cascade wide relational network has been in the center of the neo-pagan and polytheist movement for decades and this evenings focus will be the history of the Reclaiming, Church of All Worlds and Radical Fairy lineages that Ecosexuality arose from.  

Weird Embodiment- Experiments in Creativity and The Erotic
River Drosera & Captain Snowden

Time: Friday 4-6pm

Location: Lilith's Cedar Lotus Bell Tent in Lilith's Forest

As humans we are naturally playful, strange, weird, and funny, and making our weird selves small can limit access to our creativity and to our eroticism. In direct resistance to the “norm”, we invite you to get weird in community! Learn about embodiment practices that access your inner weirdo, how making faces is good for emotional wellness, and how being weird can open up new avenues for creative access and body pleasures.

River Drosera is a queer non-binary femme and creator of The Erotic Arts Project, a program that celebrates the creative and erotic body of queer, trans, and non-binary artists and activists. They are an SSEA Certified Somatic Sex Educator and IASHS Certified Sexological Bodyworker with a private practice in The San Francisco Bay Area, Ohlone Territory. Their work is dedicated to honoring the myriad of identities that live in queer bodies and they are committed to supporting queer creative and erotic wellness. They believe in artists, both those who claim this identity and those who don't, and they believe that celebrating our bodies and desires gives us the freedom to lovingly, joyfully, and weirdly meander around into the glorious depths of our creative worlds. Find more about River at www.theeroticartsproject.com and www.fuckyeahfemmeproductions.com

Captain Snowden lives uninvited on the territory of the Lekwungen and WSÁNEĆ peoples on Vancouver Island. Captain is a genderqueer- queer -radical- faery- faggot- reclaiming-witch. Their background is in social justice, street outreach, counseling, harm reduction, somatic sex education and poetry with folks of all ages. Some current incarnations of captain’s work are in the anti-violence-movement, working with folks who have done harm, co-teaching Sexological Bodywork/Somatic Sex Education trainings, and bringing weirdness and somatic work wherever they go. They run the Sex Positive Art and Recreation Center. They are in love with the ocean. For more information see www.captainsnowdon.ca

Express Yourself Before you Wreck Yourself
Chuck N’Spire & Emily Boyer

Time: Friday 4-6pm

Location: Lotus Bell Tent Camp #43

Through a series of guided meditations, movement, and vocalization exercises, we will help workshop attendees access their authentic voice. If you have a hard time expressing yourself, we will show you some strategies to get comfortable in your power and expression. If you already love expressing yourself, you can lean into your expression and find new ways to let it all out!

Chuck N'Spire is a lifelong creative and unflappable wackadoodle. They offer silly and encouraging energy to help bring you out of your shell and celebrate your strengths. They have a background in improvisational comedy, ecstatic dance, and interactive art.

Emily Boyer is a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed forest-dweller, pathfinder, and community member. She is committed to creating a love-based culture which supports a journey of self-discovery and encourages voicing one’s truth. Em cares for the bunnies, clucks with the chickens, hangs with the goats, and loves to give the piggies their well-deserved belly-rubs. Her favorite artistic expressions include singing and painting, individually and with others; often inspired by internal sensations and experiences connecting with Nature.

Medicinal Poetry: Writing As A Healing Art
Niema Lightseed

Time: Friday 4-6pm

Location: Lotus Bell Tent Camp #3

Poetry is the voice of the soul channeled through words. A blend of intuitive listening and refined crafting that taps into the pulse at the heart of creation. One of the ways that we connect with both our inner world and the Life around us is through creating art. Writing poetry can serve as a path towards deeper recognition of our interdependence.
Through guided meditation, contemplations, writing exercises, lecture, and editing tips, attendees will learn a process for more deeply tuning into their life experiences, recording them, and then translating those experiences into art that can help broaden their own understanding and nourish others.

Niema Lightseed is a mythic poet, bodyworker, and ritualist with over a decade in the healing and performing arts. She has a BFA in Theatre performance from Roosevelt University, and has taught yoga and other transformative mindfulness practices since 2004. She has written three books of poetry and shared pieces at venues large and small on the West Coast.


As a full-figured woman of color committed to creating beauty in this world she strives to bring awareness to intersectional oppression through art that awakens and inspires. As a priestess of the new paradigm dedicated to serving that which serves life, she uses the healing power of creativity to transform our experiences into medicine. www.medicinalpoetry.com | www.niemalightseed.com

Friday Evening
Ecosexual Performance Salon and Service Auction
Emceed by Emily Buffi and Shannon Pritchard

Time: Friday 8-10pm

Location: Barn

Come one, Come All-- To the Marvelously Ecosexual Talent Show and Service Auction!

Perform your art, revel in the talents of your ecosexy community, and support the scholarship fundraiser while bidding on auction items, or "services" donated by Surrender attendees.

Previously claimed prizes have ranged from nude motorcycle photo shoots to healing sessions, and the performances are one of a kind - ranging from original songs and story, to acrobatics and sing-a-longs!

What will you come up with this year?

Fireside Games & Storytelling

Time: Friday 10pm

Location: Meadow Fire Pit

Bring your favorite story, poem, song, game or simply bring your beautiful self and enjoy laughter and revelry as creative juices flow under the stars and beside the flames.

Facilitated Cuddle

Time: Friday 10pm

Location: Bell Tent

Are you feeling the desire for gentleness and quiet? Would you like to hold or be held? Come settle into an oxytocin rich cuddle pile for as long or as little as you wish.  

Saturday Free Time
Finding our Grief, Reclaiming our Rage: Discovering Active Compassion Through Our Emotional Bodies with Katalin Koda

Time: Saturday 2-4pm

Location: Grizzly Flats Commons

Are you overwhelmed by the state of the world? Do you feel things deeply? This workshop provides tools to access our grief and our rage, some of the deepest and most raw of human emotions. In a culture where these expressions are seen as 'too much' we desperately need ways to access these emotions in a safe and embodied way, learn how to use these emotional states and generate healing and compassion.

Katalin Koda is an author, ceremonialist, poet and queer, visionary life artist. Inspired by fifteen years of living in India and Hawai’i she is a dedicated student of earth stories and sacred myths, reclaiming womyn’s mysteries and discovering intersectional mysticism. Her current healing work includes spiritual mentoring and ceremonial design to help clients through transformative life journeys and deep soul level healing. As a Hospice volunteer and life transition celebrant Katalin honors the deep processes of grief through death and dying. Katalin is the founder of Fire of the Goddess Retreats and Ceremonies, which honor the divine feminine and illuminate womyn’s brilliant potentials to affect community and global change. Find more at katalinkoda.com

Embodied Erotic Herbalism
Reishi Strauss

Time: Saturday 4-6pm

Location: Grizzly Flats Commons

Plant medicines can help to open us to ourselves, the cosmos, and each other. In this workshop we'll cultivate a deeper connection to our erotic selves by using plants to connect us with the energies that arouse us. Relax into your desires, open to your pleasure, stimulate your senses. Passionflower, Rose, Cardamom. From feeling the tickle of petals against your lips to filling your lungs with the aroma of Pine, come explore the different ways that plants can activate our pathways to pleasure.

Reishi grew up in the Appalachian mountains of southwestern Virginia where she first learned the ways of wise women herbalism. As she grew older, she began traveling in pursuit of wild medicines, living out of her van and chasing the medicines of the season. In the Fall of 2016 she drove her van cross country to move to Seattle to study Herbal Sciences at Bastyr University. Since moving to the pacific northwest, she has dropped in deeply with the movement culture, practicing fire & flow arts, acroyoga, contact improv, and ecstatic dance. She is filled with love and excitement to combine her two loves of herbalism and movement arts at EcoSex Gathering.

Aroused For Life With Sophia Faria

Time: Saturday 4-6pm

Location: Lilith's Cedar

Earth and the elements are portals to cultivate sexual energy, arousal and fullness; as are community and shared practice. You are invited to join an experiential journey at the intersection of ‘essensual’ teachings from nature, tantra, yoga, erotic bodywork and somatic sex education. This workshop quest will be a gradual cultivation of erotic life force energy through various solo, partner and group practices including breathwork, sounding, movement, and self-pleasuring massage. We will culminate in an EcoSex Magic Ritual!

Sophia Faria is the creator of SoulFoodSex, a guide on the journey of sacred sexuality. She is a Conscious Sensuality Practitioner, Intimacy Facilitator, Tantra Yoga Teacher and training as a Somatic Sex Educator. In her private practice, she shares a toolkit of practices to individuals, couples and groups. She co-offers retreats on various topics including Sexual Awakening and Ecstatic Practice: Intro To Erotic Massage. She loves creating intimate nature retreats that support others tune into and savour pleasure, deepen in self love and honour the sacredness of life, She is connected with nature as a loving, wild, empowered and integrative sexual force.

Living Landscapes with Ivan Espinosa

Time: Saturday 4-6pm

Location: Lotus Bell Tent #43

What happens when we attempt to let go of our quotidian ways of walking through the world, to manifest abstract shapes from the poetic, metaphoric, and literal richness of the greater biosphere? What happens when the body/mind reorient their usual narratives, if only for a moment, and surrender to the transformative realm of the more-than-human world? In this class, we will explore the body's connection to "landscape" and experience “dancing” through familiar and new spaces completely re-perceived and re-imagined.

Ivan Espinosa is an experimental theater artist based in New York City. Ivan holds a Master of Arts degree in Performance Studies from New York University’s highly esteemed Tisch School of the Arts, where he researches performative ethnography, object-oriented ontology and eco-centric dramaturgy.


Ivan’s work is highly influenced and informed by his intensive study of Butoh, an avant-garde dance form that originated in Japan in the 1950’s. Ivan has trained with master Butoh teachers Hiroko Tamano, Eiko Otake, Joan Laage, Diego Piñón, Sheri Brown, and with SANKAI JUKU -- the world's longest-standing Japanese Butoh ensemble. In addition to Butoh, Ivan has over 9 years of improvisational dance experience that further informs his approach. He’s studied with a wide variety of teachers including postmodern dance pioneer Anna Halprin, contact improvisation with veterans Nancy Stark Smith and Karen Nelson, and “The Silent Language of The Body" Pablo Bobbio and Bruce Carloye.

Bodylicious BellyDancing
Mary Mermadia

Time: Saturday 4-6pm

Location: TBD

Feel the music...

How it affects your body

The way it entices you to move

  Feel your body...

How it reacts to the music

The way it sways & flows

  Now REALLY feel your body...

The contours, the hard spots, the soft spots, what aches, what is stiff or flowy.

Areas of sensual pleasure.


Together, we will explore our own bodies through dance. I've created a blend of Belly & Ecstatic dances. Music that takes us on a journey from mellow, to lively. Learn how basic belly dance moves can help us feel sensual, aroused, energized & alive! We will focus those energies inward, tap into our own deep dance. It's not about looking ecosexy, or acting ecosexy. It's about FEELING ecosexy. And it's all you! For yourself, your own pleasure, no one else. And its fun.


What to Wear

  • Long skirt or leggings

  • Tank top, cute bra or topless

  • Socks or barefoot


What to bring

  • Water bottle

  • Soft flowy fabric/veil

  • 2-3 ft wide by 4-5 ft long

  • Coin/bell belt or scarf/sash to tie around your hips. (I'll have a bunch of stuff to use too.)

We'll warm up & stretch before learning some basic dance moves & veil flips. We will let loose, feel the music, feel our bodies, & dance in all our Human glory!

Mary Gravning aka Mary Mermaidia has always been an EcoSexual. Vacations meant sleeping in the outdoors. And living in a rustic one-room log cabin, in the woods of Alaska, for 6 years, was both vulnerable and empowering.

Her interests include ecstatic dance, erotic writer/reciter, performer in sex fueled theater and Surremder.

Mary  leads by example and hopes to inspire others to embrace their sexuality without shame, at any stage of life. Mary has hosted/facilitated over 100 events in the past 5 years, fostering connections in an honest, fun and light-hearted way. She is an empath, a lively conversationalist and good listener who believes people have their own beautiful gifts. Magic happens when we share those gifts with each other.

Saturday Evening


Facilitated Cuddle

Time: Saturday 8pm

Location: Lotus Bell Tent #3


Are you feeling the desire for gentleness and quiet? Would you like to hold or be held? Come settle into an oxytocin rich cuddle pile for as long or as little as you wish.  

Radical Relating with Amanda Rose

Time:  Saturday 8pm

Location: Lotus Bell Tent #43

We’ve been taught certain beliefs about what it means to be in relationship. Coming from a non-hierarchical, Relationship Anarchist model we will discuss daily practices to tear down what we have been taught and learn instead how to call in your community. How do we live in close community with one another, share resources, create empathy and recognize emotional labors? We will explore how jealousy within us is created and how it aligns with patriarchal ideals of ownership, rather than sovereignty, and how a focus on queer, inclusive, intersectional relationships can be a way to break down myths of sexual orientations, gender binary and hierarchical relationship structures that aren’t serving us. Exploration and understanding of various forms of ‘open’ relationship models are still held in the patriarchal heteronormative ‘rules’ and have a tendency to ignore the importance of our earth, sharing resources and new culture building.

EarthPulse with Dylan Wilder Quinn and Maggie walker

Time: Saturday 8-10pm

Location: Barn

Feel the pulse of Earth’s core and Moon tugging on you to the rhythm of Ocean’s waves. Move to deep, Earthly beats in whatever way calls to you, beckoning our sexual energy to fill the space and each other.


This is a dance inspired by ecstatic dance in which sexual energy and full nudity is welcome, celebrated, and not expected. There will be clear boundaries and expectations for negotiation. This is a femme- and queer-led container for all genders.

Dylan Wilder Quinn (they/them pronouns) is the founder of Wildly Healed, an organization that seeks to create a platform of systemic liberation with a lens of healing our individual and collective traumas through connection, spirituality, pleasure, and political change. When they're not being tied up and dominated by the Earth and their other lovers, they spend their time practicing mindfulness through dancing and play, and as an anti-racist, trans-inclusive, and consent celebratory organizer. Dylan is a working class-encultured, trans nonbinary white person. They facilitate trans and gender education workshops, white culture workshops, sensual and pleasure parties, DJ musical experiences in the ecstatic dance world, read tarot, and collectivize with people who know that another world is possible.

Maggie Walker (she/they) has been DJing ecstatic dances for 4 years. Maggie is a hoop dancer (having previously taught and performed with the hoop) and overall movement nerd. Raised in a musical household, they draw musical inspiration from a world of genres from funk to flamenco, from dubstep to classical, and hip hop to bluegrass. Maggie is also an organizer of Moondance, a gender-intentional dance collective for women and non binary folk. As a DJ and as a community member, they are passionate about creating safer spaces on the ecstatic dance floor that embrace communicating embodied consent. Maggie is a white queer genderfluid human who hails from the stolen territories of the Naragansett and Wampanoag People. 


They also made this very website that you are reading right now!

Ecosex at the Movies

Time: Saturday 8-midnight

Location: Lodge

Get a bag of popcorn and settle in for some ecosex media! Our community is full of creative force, and tonight we will watch movies about mushrooms, bees, and stardust. We will be able to choose from Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle's films and shorts including Goodbye Gauley Mountain:An Ecosexual Love Story. We may even be able to share their new film: Water Makes Us Wet! Stay tuned!

Sunday Morning
Closing Ceremony

Time: Sunday 10:30-12:30pm

Location: Meadow Fire Pit

Join us in our traditional ecosex practice (4 years of tradition and counting LOL!) of ending our time together by making a mandala of offerings to the land and non-humans. Honor our time of courtship and pleasure together, as we acknowledge both the human and non-human loves that have shared our celebration. We will make a collective art offering and whisper sweet nothings as we hug goodbye!

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