Venue Map

You can find answers to common questions about the venue here.

Below you will find a map of the venue that will give you some indication of the layout of the event and the different camping options on the registration page.

Camping Options:

  • Meadowland - Camping in the Meadow (lower left corner of the map)

  • Vendor - Camping in the Commons (top center of map)

  • Small Forest Site - spaces marked by a brown sun (first stamp on campsite key to the right)

  • Large Forest Site - spaces marked by green six-pointed star (second stamp on campsite key)

  • MultiTent Forest Site - spaces marked by blue seven-petaled flower (third stamp on campsite key)

  • Glamping/Luxury Lotus Bud - spaces marked by purple six-pointed lace/flower

  • Vamping/Van Camping - rectangle spaces in the center of the map all the way to the right

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