We have reserved a 26 foot U-Haul to drive from SE PDX to Orcas Island!

This way, you can walk-on and not worry as much about the ferry.


Leave your stuff at the drop off location by our deadline, put cool ecosex stickers with your name on them on your stuff, add your items to our Matrix inventory list and you can pick them up in the parking lot at our venue on Wednesday June 20th when you arrive.

There will be 4 load/pickup places

The ferry will arrive at the venue before midnight on Sunday June 17th.

Anyone wishing to walk on the ferry the cost is $13 per person, and people are welcome to bring their items to one of these checkpoints by the deadline given for each location. Don't forget to text V about your drop off times.

Car parking at the ferry terminal is $40. 

We ask for a $20-$40 donation because the cost of the UHAUL , gas and mileage is $1,000.00


All items must be labeled with the name of owner, and we will be creating one matrix inventory sheet in order to make one complete list of what you are dropping off. Your items must be labeled and inventory must be added to list and given to the U-Haul Coordinator.


Emily Boyer will be driving the U-Haul from Portland to Seattle.  Bryan Fabert and Savannha Sly will be driving from Seattle to Orcas Island. Teri Ciacchi and Dare Sohei will be following the Uhaul in Teri’s car. We will need loading crews of 2-4 people at the times provided.

The U-Haul will be returning to each of these locations on the way back from Orcas Island on Tuesday with the  Portland location being the last stop. 

Further Important FERRY Information
It’s essential that you reserve a ticket for the Ferry ahead of time. On the day of travel, it’s recommended that you arrive 45min-1 hour before your departure time. Even if you have a reservation, you will be put on stand-by if you arrive at the toll booth less than 30 minutes before departure.

If you want to drive your car, you will need a vehicle reservation. Ferry vehicle reservations are released in 3 tiers. The first tier is 2 months prior to sale date, the second is 2 weeks prior, and the 3rd is 2 days prior. The reservations are released at 7am on each of these days. It is highly recommended that you set an alarm/reminder to be online at 7am to make your reservation as they sell out very quickly in the summer season. These are the specific times when ferry reservations will be released for June 20th (arrival) and June 24th (departure):


June 20th: Anacortes to Orcas 
Tier 1: April 20 at 7am
Tier 2: June 6 at 7am
Tier 3: June 18 at 7am


June 24th: Orcas to Anacortes 
Tier 1: April 24 at 7am
Tier 2: June 10 at 7am
Tier 3: June 22 at 7am

This is the page where you can make your ferry reservations. Please review the WDOT page for more information.


We cannot be held responsible for the WDOT Ferry Fees.

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