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Mel Bilodeau: After studying much movement at a young age and moving to the west cost, I continued to learn and create choreography, mostly in a group called RADCO, till presently. Dancing the Five Rhythm Waves (Gabriel Roth), and community for 17 years has been a grand ride. So was my journey through the queer and kinky realms of PNW worlds. Mel O'Soup is entertaining Mel, as I radically add value to organic, local veggies and cater to sensitivities with healthy recipes here in Olympia.  As a devotee of Freddie Mercury, I dig singing.

Amanda Rose, a Portland based anthropologist, sex positive educator, and activist is dedicated to the removal of conditioned shame and stigma currently surrounding human sexuality and relationships. As a community leader, Amanda works to refine solid practices necessary to an inclusive, conscious community. She has organized and facilitated over a hundred events.

Evelin Dacker, MD is a sex-positive Integrative Family Medicine physician. She is active in creating a safe space for LGBTQIA youth and adults and helping people through illness, trauma, and life transitions towards finding balance and joy. She incorporates a multidisciplinary approach with principles of gratitude and pleasure to support her patients in creating their own wellness.  

In addition to practicing medicine, Evelin (pronounced Ev-ah-leen), is the current CEO of SexPositive Portland. She created the safer sex communication model STARS to help facilitate open and honest sex conversations. She is a consent and sex educator, sexual health activist and TEDx speaker (on STARS).

Ian Mae is an ecosexual herbalist, a licensed body-worker, peer counselor, a feminist and a queer, poly, genderfluid PAMP (person with access to male privilege) of European descent who has several years of experience participating in and facilitating transformational men's circles in the Portland area. He has magical background in Reclaiming Witchcraft, as well as the Northern Mysteries and works closely with the Runes as ancestral guides and teachers. He believes that men working together to heal themselves and each other is a critical step on the journey towards collective liberation.

Jeffree Oshala’s experience stems from a background of Conflict Resolution, Feminist Studies, Anti-Oppression Activism, Magic, and the formation of a Men’s group focused on connection, healing, and accountability. He has a background in Conflict Resolution, a career working with people in the developmentally disabled communities, lives on an urban land-based communal living project, and supporting the start-up and process of Men’s groups and leading workshops in the Portland area. He has a background and training in western herbalism, and is also a 3rd year student at the Blue Iris Mystery School. Jeffree aims to weave together his passions in Magic, Conflict Resolution, Feminism, and land-based ethics to work with male identified people to heal the wounds of patriarchy.

River Drosera is a queer non-binary femme and creator of The Erotic Arts Project, a program that celebrates the creative and erotic body of queer, trans, and non-binary artists and activists. They are an SSEA Certified Somatic Sex Educator and IASHS Certified Sexological Bodyworker with a private practice in The San Francisco Bay Area, Ohlone Territory. Their work is dedicated to honoring the myriad of identities that live in queer bodies and they are committed to supporting queer creative and erotic wellness. They believe in artists, both those who claim this identity and those who don't, and they believe that celebrating our bodies and desires gives us the freedom to lovingly, joyfully, and weirdly meander around into the glorious depths of our creative worlds. Find more about River at and

Captain Snowden lives uninvited on the territory of the Lekwungen and WSÁNEĆ peoples on Vancouver Island. Captain is a genderqueer- queer -radical- faery- faggot- reclaiming-witch. Their background is in social justice, street outreach, counseling, harm reduction, somatic sex education and poetry with folks of all ages. Some current incarnations of captain’s work are in the anti-violence-movement, working with folks who have done harm, co-teaching Sexological Bodywork/Somatic Sex Education trainings, and bringing weirdness and somatic work wherever they go. They run the Sex Positive Art and Recreation Center. They are in love with the ocean. For more information see

Chuck N'Spire is a lifelong creative and unflappable wackadoodle. They offer silly and encouraging energy to help bring you out of your shell and celebrate your strengths. They have a background in improvisational comedy, ecstatic dance, and interactive art.

Emily Boyer is a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed forest-dweller, pathfinder, and community member. She is committed to creating a love-based culture which supports a journey of self-discovery and encourages voicing one’s truth. Em cares for the bunnies, clucks with the chickens, hangs with the goats, and loves to give the piggies their well-deserved belly-rubs. Her favorite artistic expressions include singing and painting, individually and with others; often inspired by internal sensations and experiences connecting with Nature.

Niema Lightseed is a mythic poet, bodyworker, and ritualist with over a decade in the healing and performing arts. She has a BFA in Theatre performance from Roosevelt University, and has taught yoga and other transformative mindfulness practices since 2004. She has written three books of poetry and shared pieces at venues large and small on the West Coast.


As a full-figured woman of color committed to creating beauty in this world she strives to bring awareness to intersectional oppression through art that awakens and inspires. As a priestess of the new paradigm dedicated to serving that which serves life, she uses the healing power of creativity to transform our experiences into medicine. |

Katalin Koda is an author, ceremonialist, poet and queer, visionary life artist. Inspired by fifteen years of living in India and Hawai’i she is a dedicated student of earth stories and sacred myths, reclaiming womyn’s mysteries and discovering intersectional mysticism. Her current healing work includes spiritual mentoring and ceremonial design to help clients through transformative life journeys and deep soul level healing. As a Hospice volunteer and life transition celebrant Katalin honors the deep processes of grief through death and dying. Katalin is the founder of Fire of the Goddess Retreats and Ceremonies, which honor the divine feminine and illuminate womyn’s brilliant potentials to affect community and global change. Find more at

Reishi grew up in the Appalachian mountains of southwestern Virginia where she first learned the ways of wise women herbalism. As she grew older, she began traveling in pursuit of wild medicines, living out of her van and chasing the medicines of the season. In the Fall of 2016 she drove her van cross country to move to Seattle to study Herbal Sciences at Bastyr University. Since moving to the pacific northwest, she has dropped in deeply with the movement culture, practicing fire & flow arts, acroyoga, contact improv, and ecstatic dance. She is filled with love and excitement to combine her two loves of herbalism and movement arts at EcoSex Gathering.

Sophia Faria is the creator of SoulFoodSex, a guide on the journey of sacred sexuality. She is a Conscious Sensuality Practitioner, Intimacy Facilitator, Tantra Yoga Teacher and training as a Somatic Sex Educator. In her private practice, she shares a toolkit of practices to individuals, couples and groups. She co-offers retreats on various topics including Sexual Awakening and Ecstatic Practice: Intro To Erotic Massage. She loves creating intimate nature retreats that support others tune into and savour pleasure, deepen in self love and honour the sacredness of life, She is connected with nature as a loving, wild, empowered and integrative sexual force.

Ivan Espinosa is an experimental theater artist based in New York City. Ivan holds a Master of Arts degree in Performance Studies from New York University’s highly esteemed Tisch School of the Arts, where he researches performative ethnography, object-oriented ontology and eco-centric dramaturgy.


Ivan’s work is highly influenced and informed by his intensive study of Butoh, an avant-garde dance form that originated in Japan in the 1950’s. Ivan has trained with master Butoh teachers Hiroko Tamano, Eiko Otake, Joan Laage, Diego Piñón, Sheri Brown, and with SANKAI JUKU -- the world's longest-standing Japanese Butoh ensemble. In addition to Butoh, Ivan has over 9 years of improvisational dance experience that further informs his approach. He’s studied with a wide variety of teachers including postmodern dance pioneer Anna Halprin, contact improvisation with veterans Nancy Stark Smith and Karen Nelson, and “The Silent Language of The Body" Pablo Bobbio and Bruce Carloye.

Mary Gravning aka Mary Mermaidia has always been an EcoSexual. Vacations meant sleeping in the outdoors. And living in a rustic one-room log cabin, in the woods of Alaska, for 6 years, was both vulnerable and empowering.

Her interests include ecstatic dance, erotic writer/reciter, performer in sex fueled theater and Surremder.

Mary  leads by example and hopes to inspire others to embrace their sexuality without shame, at any stage of life. Mary has hosted/facilitated over 100 events in the past 5 years, fostering connections in an honest, fun and light-hearted way. She is an empath, a lively conversationalist and good listener who believes people have their own beautiful gifts. Magic happens when we share those gifts with each other.

Dylan Wilder Quinn (they/them pronouns) is the founder of Wildly Healed, an organization that seeks to create a platform of systemic liberation with a lens of healing our individual and collective traumas through connection, spirituality, pleasure, and political change. When they're not being tied up and dominated by the Earth and their other lovers, they spend their time practicing mindfulness through dancing and play, and as an anti-racist, trans-inclusive, and consent celebratory organizer. Dylan is a working class-encultured, trans nonbinary white person. They facilitate trans and gender education workshops, white culture workshops, sensual and pleasure parties, DJ musical experiences in the ecstatic dance world, read tarot, and collectivize with people who know that another world is possible.

Maggie Walker (she/they) has been DJing ecstatic dances for 4 years. Maggie is a hoop dancer (having previously taught and performed with the hoop) and overall movement nerd. Raised in a musical household, they draw musical inspiration from a world of genres from funk to flamenco, from dubstep to classical, and hip hop to bluegrass. Maggie is also an organizer of Moondance, a gender-intentional dance collective for women and non binary folk. As a DJ and as a community member, they are passionate about creating safer spaces on the ecstatic dance floor that embrace communicating embodied consent. Maggie is a white queer genderfluid human who hails from the stolen territories of the Naragansett and Wampanoag People. 


They also made this very website that you are reading right now!

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