3 Ways to Promote EcoSex

Whether you are a vendor, pathfinder or volunteer there are a few simple social media tips that will contribute to keeping the event viewable and widespread across social media platforms. You can share about your participation and creativity at the event by forming alliances in the community.


Genuine comments and liking are appreciated and help with visibility and popularity of an event or post but we must go beyond. We do not need to beg people to come or tell them to look at this shiny new thing. We connect by telling stories about our experiences. Together we can get people excited about this amazing event and your community offerings.



EcoSex uses Instagram, Meetup, and Facebook. If you make your presence known by connecting online through one of these platforms, EcoSex can be on the lookout when you post news, events and updates related to the event or what you might be doing/vending while you are there.




On Instagram use the magnifying glass symbol find our account by typing in: celebrateloverearth

Be sure to tag the event in your posts or reposts by typing: @celebrateloverearth


On Instagram the most helpful things you can do are:

  1. Create a unique post on your own profile about the event and tag people you think might be interested.

  2. Repost to your profile our event postings (instructions below.)

  3. Genuinely comment and start conversation on any of the event postings.  People like it when you use emojis and it will make it more likely that your comment will stand out from other comments.

  4. Like any of the events postings.


Instruction for Instagram reposting:

Download a reposting app for your phone or web browser. The app will allow you to share postings from EcoSex Celebrating Lover Earth page which is @celebrateloverearth. Instructions found in this incredibly short article (click here)


If you already have a Meetup.com account we have posted the event under the Love Hub group. Please RSVP that you are going to generate interest. Feel free to post a comment or testimonial if you have attended the event before.



The Facebook Event Page

The Facebook Business Page

On Facebook there are multiple ways social media presence can be boosted:

  1. Post your own inspirations such as an eco-sexual selfie or a video of you observing nature. Either on your own feed with an link to EcoSex Celebrating Lover Earth (see links below) event or business page OR you can post directly to the event feed or business page feed which is hugely beneficial

  2. If you are a vendor and can create an event under your business or personal page that links to the EcoSex: Celebrating Lover Earth event your followers will have a specific physical location and time to find you and they will get to learn about this amazing event!

  3. Go to the event page and like, comment and share the event postings and the event itself.

  4. Recommend to your friends on Facebook that they attend the event by sharing the event with them through your page/feed or private messenger. You can also use the invite your friends feature which is usually at the top of the event page.




If you have a newsletter, blog, website or have a presence on any of the social media outlets listed above, announce that you are a part of this event. It is a part of this story to share what your role is and why it is important to you. It takes a community to make this event the awesomeness that it is. When you make this announcement, copy and paste the link to the event page/account or tag Eco-Sex Celebrate Lover Earth (links listed above.)


If you are able to repeat this at least a few times the repetition will start to draw a buzz, buzz, buzz.


In person conversation about the event and your offerings are highly encouraged as well.



Multiple email blasts and newsletters go out before the event. In these emails we talk about any new happenings, salon events leading up the main event, ongoing related events and we can feature stories here.


The best way to submit your ideas and information is to email us with any photos and written information (ecosex22@gmail.com) and be sure to add our email to your mailing list (livingloverevolution@me.com).


You can sign up for the newsletter just below this on the left hand side of the footer where it says "Sign up for our Mailing List."

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