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“This was the most amazing experience, can’t wait till next year!” — Mary

“I love every single one of you Mother-Loving EcoSexuals! What an extraordinary event this weekend! I am really just in awe over the beauty and grace of these events and all the transpersonal growth and interpersonal connection that transpires over these events.” — Phoenix, Utah

“Truly and deeply transformed and awakened. Many thank yous to all I journeyed with. May we carry the love for ourselves, each other, the earth and all the beings with us as we move back into the world. “ — JoAnne, Portland OR

“This was supperrrrrrr incredible to share with you all. I am forever changed.” — Norianna, Utah

“WOW WOW WOW! That was the most amazing 6 days! I thought I was going to a camp-out. It was so much more, a life experience I will NEVER forget…The singing, the smiling, the hugs, nakedness, sex sounds in the forest, bare breasts, clothing exchange, connecting, sharing, story telling. The LOVE. I will be back EVERY year!” — Mary, Portland OR

“What a great convergence!! Thanks to everyone for welcoming a new (and very shy) person. I didn’ t put myself out there much this year, but that’s my own shit to own. I’m sorry I left before goodbyes. I just get too emotional.” — Don

“5 days time not scaled on linear time. Forever and tiny we made waves together on a journey. I am very thankful for the profound experience at Surrender this year. It is unforgettable and it truly makes life a bit easier, with a few more tools in my pocket to assist in creating the world we wish to see. I am forever shifted. Circuits open. Electrical. Magnetic. Awake.” — Lindsy, Olympia WA

“I had an amazing time at the Eco-Sex Convergence in Washington. Thank you for showing me how to continue to embody my wild-wolf-woman. HOWL!! I am eternally grateful. To all who touched my heart and allowed me to touch theirs, thank you. I am stepping into my power as I embrace the cycle of Life and Death more fully and to empower others to embrace it also. I am in awe of this wondrous adventure. May the unfolding of my true nature continue. I am ready.” — Tara, Boulder, CO

“I gave to this community all that I had to offer and received so much love and support in return. Thank you.” — Devon, Colorado

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