Fellas, we got some work to do!  This path will bring together all those who identify as male, masculine, male socialized, and PAMPS (persons with access to male privilege). Patriarchy hurts all of us, and as male folk it is our responsibility to understand the roles we play in perpetuating gender-based oppression, and support one another in healing from the ways we ourselves have been impacted. With deep gratitude and humility we will draw on the invaluable body of feminist work by countless women and queer-folk as we deepen our understanding of institutional oppression.  This path will be a transformational journey into our wounding, grief, growth edges and our potential to be allies to our communities and each other. Together we'll unpack how we've been conditioned to internalize toxic masculine archetypes that have harmful impacts on our communities, our sexuality, our relationships with women, femmes, others of marginalized gender as well as with other male folk and to Earth.  We’ll practice movement and embodiment, intimacy building exercises, facilitated dialogue, magic, trance, and spell work along our path to initiating ourselves into the sacred work of Unspelling in service of collective liberation.

Ian Mae

Ian Mae is an ecosexual herbalist, a licensed body worker, peer counselor, a feminist and a queer, poly, genderfluid PAMP (person with access to male privilege) of European descent who has several years of experience participating in and facilitating transformational men's circles in the Portland area. At Surrender 2017  Mae was wedded into sacred marriage to Earth.  He has a magical background in Reclaiming Witchcraft, as well as the Northern Mysteries and works closely with the Runes as ancestral guides and teachers.  He believes that men working together to heal themselves and each other is a critical step on the journey towards collective liberation.

Unspelling the Patriarch Within: Healing together as
male folk
Jeffree Oshala

Jeffree’s experience stems from a background of Conflict Resolution, Feminist Studies, Anti-Oppression Activism, Magic, and the formation of a Men’s group focused on connection, healing, and accountability.

He has a background in Conflict Resolution, a career working with people in the developmentally disabled communities, lives on an urban land-based communal living project, and supporting the start-up and process of Men’s groups and leading workshops in the Portland area. He has a background and training in western herbalism, and is also a 3rd year student at the Blue Iris Mystery School. Jeffree aims to weave together his passions in Magic, Conflict Resolution, Feminism, and land-based ethics to work with male identified people to heal the wounds of patriarchy.

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