Re-framing Initiation: Sexual Trauma, Identity, and Ritual

What does the full expression of wild, connected, authentic ecosexuality look like when we have survived sexual trauma? How are our lineages and communities effected? As Earth's devoted lovers – how is our relationship with Gaia impacted by our history? What do we require to fully embody our own sexual narratives?  


We are resourced here with the gnosis for a strong, loving container to work with trauma, through land-based embodiment, guided meditation, and co-created rituals.


The power of #metoo in the mainstream is undeniable. This is an empowering/connective experience for some, and opens wounds for others. We will pay attention to how oppression intersects – race, gender, sexual identity/expression, colonialism and class – impacting our understanding of personal and ancestral sexual trauma, and the resources we have, or have not had, to respond.



Multiple ways to share stories & move energy as individuals and small groups

Deepening our relationship with personal deities, Elementals, & the land

Creating personalized rituals and exploring magickal techniques - binding, banishing, burying, cord-cutting and symbiotic eco-healing.

This path work is lovingly held by and for the self-identified survivors of sexual trauma. It is important that those choosing this path have the ability to collectively hold a safe, grounded, sacred and confidential container. If you have concerns or questions about your ability to do this, please contact V 206-240-4090 or Michelle 509-347-6943 to discuss. Thank you!


 V is descended from the people of Scotland, Germany & maybe Wales. She grew up playing on the stolen land of the Massachusett & Wampanoag people, by the Charles River & in Buzzard’s Bay. Fields of study include sacred dance, Noyes Rhythm (a 20th century movement of direct inspiration from the Greek Deities, see:, eclectic urban "shamanism", and most recently a bit with David Cates and rain crowe. V has a BA from the Evergreen State College, founded The Dances of Devotion (12 month Goddess Ritual co-creation process), led the retreat groupHarvest Women, and has taught elemental improvisation on Marrowstone Island. She's on the board of Dance Camp NW and moderates Speak Out for Safety - a group for non-binary & women dance folx in the Seattle area. As a sexual assault survivor, ritualist, & artist collaborating with spirits; V is engaged in deconstructing cultural appropriation in her creative narrative & is working to reclaim and practice her ancestral magicks.

Michelle Raine (she/her)

Michelle’s personal journey began in the dark mire of fundamentalist religion, domestic violence, and the patriarchal power-over paradigm. In 2011, she broke through the layers of oppression in her life and was reborn. Her calling as a healer, light worker and champion of her own soul was awakened. Michelle brings a vast tapestry of life wisdom, a powerful intuitive nature and a deep curiosity about the human experience to her work with clients and students. As a therapist and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Michelle is passionate about helping others tap into their innate ability to heal self and complete the initiation process that trauma often begins. She is determined to play her part in dismantling and healing the most pervasive form of trauma in our society, oppression.

Michelle returned to school in 2011 to get her bachelor of science in psychology and biological sciences and her master of science in clinical health psychology and nutrition. Her community service involves assisting with Dance Camp Northwest Peace Council, co-facilitating a dance for women, femme and non-binary folks, and creating healing circles for #metoo survivors. When Michelle is not teaching or holding space for others, you will find her feeding her own soul with yoga, dance, whole foods, writing, and deep human connection.  Workshops, classes, trainings and facilitation:

Kevin Haggerty

At the age of 2 years and 10 months, Kevin died (blunt force trauma to the head), went to the Other Side and was told he would have to go back. That’s what they said, in their speechless, infinitely kind way: “You need to go back.” Seems he wasn’t done with Life on Earth. His tiny self was heartbroken. He cried, and cried. Waking up in a hospital bed, after what appeared to his parents and the staff of the hospital to be a three day coma, Kevin became aware of helpers, angels, communicating with him, comforting him. When they told him he’d have to go back to Life on Earth, he had no idea they’d be coming back with him! He discovered that he knew things without being shown, knew things would happen before they did, knew when people were lying to him as if a loud game show buzzer had gone off at their words.

Kevin brings decades of ceremonial and magical experience to pretty much every aspect of his life. Kevin leads workshops now on Befriending the Self, Using Graphic Art to Shift Consciousness and Heal Trauma, Self-care for Caregivers, Consent 2.0, and Tarot Reading Without a Net. He also works with people individually, as a psychic reader/reality doula to regain their focus and reconnect with their soul’s purpose. (It can be done!) Kevin has dedicated his life to helping in every way he can to bring about the species-wide course correction of which our little world stands in such dire need.

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