EcoMagicks: Aphrodite, Animism & Ancestors

“Aphrodite’s Body is the archetype of the human body and also the body of the world” Thomas Moore in The Soul Of Sex

We Bee EcoSexy! One way to participate in the radical activism of EcoSexuality is to joyfully immerse yourself in Nature and the unseen but palpable worlds of non-humans.

Taste the golden ambrosias of The Melissae: Aphrodities’ working priestesses. Create your own waggle bee dance and hum together in a hive pile of other humans. Adventure into the forest around us and co-create a courtship altar with what you discover there. Make time to sense the multitude of non-human consciousness that surround us and lovingly connect with them. Trance to experience your blood ancestors and learn ways of honoring and elevating them. Teri & Benjamin share a fierce commitment to the living world; embracing erotic life force as an act of resistance to Empire. Join us in a three day pathwork experiment that moves us toward creating a culture worth living into.

EcoSexuality imagines the opportunity to design a human culture that can take care of, tend and dwell within the Cascadia Bioregion in a manner that confers respect to the deity Aphrodite, the land itself and the complex ecological web of human and non-human persons coexisting there.

Ecomagicks are a variety of ritual techniques and somatic “ways of being” that include poetry, song, trance, movement, and invocation. These techniques expand our capacity to experience phenomena that occur both outside our physical bodies in the real and palpable worlds of Nature (the bodies of Gaia) and inside our consciousness, altering our inner worlds of perception and imagination.

Reverend Benjamin Pixie

Reverend Benjamin Pixie has been actively romancing the wilds of this world for over half of his life.  He is husband to millions of virgin maidens who dedicate their lives to the sex work of the Earth, and lovingly serves 50 queens.  In addition to beekeeping, he is a mead maker, a conjurer of spirits, herbalist, a hide tanner, leather worker, & warrior poet. He is father of 2 shining radiant little witches.

Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi, MSW

Ecosex Celebrating Lover Earth, an event being held on Orcas Island Summer Solstice 2018 is taking up most of the Reverend’s time right now. Being Teri includes being the relational matrix of the Living Love Revolution, being a holistic sex educator, a Priestess of Aphrodite, a leader of the EcoSexuality movement, and an EcoMagicks practitioner. We have been generating CascadiaHolistic Peer Counseling system since 1997, holding Aphrodite Temples since 2000 and co-created Surrender:The EcoSex Convergence from 2013-2017. In July 2017 she started Interdependence and Autonomy LLC, a for profit business that builds consent culture by healing conflict through education and legal advocacy, creating consent-centric events. Reverend Ciacchi looks to Nature for guidance and wisdom. She translates the teachings she receives from mycelium (mushrooms), bees and stardust into useable social skills for human beings. They lead collaborative workshops and events that honor the innate connections between humans and the Living Earth. Recent publications include essays in the books: Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love  and Queer Magic. You can find her works at the following websites:  and

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