Poetry can be a door into an ecosexual experience. It stands cracked open, brimming with light and echoes, offering us a taste of what is possible when we connect with the natural world. The earth offers endless inspiration for artistic collaboration, and poetry invites full sensory experience, erotic lenses through which to view things, new storylines to try out ourselves. We write to know ourselves, to transform ourselves, to share our view with others.

In this path we will build a container to connect to our inner voice, get our creative writing juices flowing, use poetry as a magical tool, court the land with our words, and use all our senses to deepen our erotic connection to the earth and translate it into revelatory art. We welcome everyone regardless of your writing experience!

Carey French

Carey is a seasoned facilitator who first found her spiritual self through poetry. She has Mary Oliver to thank for the foundations of her ecosexual identity, and for the beginning of her love affair with the power of the poetic voice. She believes in the magical potency of words to transform reality and bring clarifying truth. Her work is primarily as an educator in the realm of consent, boundaries, and sexual sovereignty, but she moonlights as a DJ, jewelry-maker, conflict doula, photographer, and dancer.

Earth Our Muse: The Poetry of Ecosexuality
Shannon Pritchard

Shannon comes to this path having been saved, time again, by the legacy of poets that have come before her. Transformed and indebted to this mysterious journey, she has made a commitment to invoking the muse and passing along the poetic spark. She believes that language is holistic: that how we recite, the feeling and weight, is as important as the words we say. Her writing practice includes the poem store; a performative public writing ritual with her typewriter. She also has a background in dance, herbalism, honeybee magic, and handwork.

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