The Seed of Desire: The spark inside that drives us toward the truth of our hearts. The unlimited potential that lies inside of us. That which strives for deep fulfillment, connection, and growth.


Often times shrouded by insecurities, responsibilities, doubts, confusion, and fears--this seed in always with us. It lies dormant inside, waiting patiently to be recognized, nourished, nurtured. Once acknowledged, it can grow and thrive, directing us toward a path that is beyond our wildest imaginations! Through the unfolding, we are met, seen, supported and loved.


In this ritualistic workshop, through a series of exercises including breathwork, guided visualization, partner activities, somatic experience, drawing, movement and more we will explore what blocks us from achieving our hearts’ desire and set intention to bring that which nourishes our souls into fruition. In a safe container, we will create the kind of magick that only can be created when brave souls gather together with open minds and hearts, in vulnerability, trust, and reverence for the wild forces that guide us. With new clarity and direction, we will walk out of this container feeling revitalized, confident, and ready to take the next steps toward moving closer to our dreams and life purpose.

Seven Root

Seven Root is a lover of life and dancer of dreams. Bringing groups together for integrated mind-body learning and sharing is an endless source of joy for Seven Root. He has organized and led ecstatic dance programs in multiple cities, co-produced personal growth workshops, and crafted curriculum for integrated physical education programs directed towards elementary school students. Seeking tools for greater connection, he has sought out trainings in non-violent communication, facilitation, and mediation. And in an effort to be closer to the earth, he became an organic farmer, permaculture designer, and amateur herbalist. Part sage, part clown, he can often be found leaping down on life with a loud laugh and a wild gleam in his eyes. He finds great satisfaction in connecting with community, which he most recently fulfills through fireside circle gatherings and interactive performance art experiences with Risk of Change.

Awakening the Wild Within: Empowering the Seed of Desire
Hali Ma

Hali Ma is a Wild Woman Awakener, and believer in the importance of all humans becoming more connected to their Soul and our Lover Earth. Nature is her great teacher, from which she learns and grows from within. As a practicing Speech Language Therapist for over 14 years, she has developed a deep sense of compassion and understanding of individual variability and difference. For over 5 years she has facilitated a myriad of workshops under the Awakening the Wild Woman banner, in which participants explore relationship to their own unique wildish nature through guided meditation, somatic exercises, vocal sound healing, drumming, catharsis, shadow work, ritual, interactive exercises, inquiry, storytelling, movement, and many other creative, magical activities.  Her fierce calling to activate a deepened sense of empowerment in as many beings as possible fuels the formula of each unique workshop. Themes have included:The Feral Woman; Rage and Forgiveness; Reclaiming our Feminine Power; Rage and Deconstructing the Predator; and Empowering the Seed of Desire. Hali Ma is radically dedicated to sustainability, conservation, self-care, and deepening community. She is currently co-crafting designs to create an urban farm and permaculture paradise at her home in the heart of NE Portland. Power to self-grown food and the Village!

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