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Re-framing Initiation: Sexual Trauma, Identity, and Ritual

 V is descended from the people of Scotland, Germany & maybe Wales. She grew up playing on the stolen land of the Massachusett & Wampanoag people, by the Charles River & in Buzzard’s Bay. Fields of study include sacred dance, Noyes Rhythm (a 20th century movement of direct inspiration from the Greek Deities, see:, eclectic urban "shamanism", and most recently a bit with David Cates and rain crowe. V has a BA from the Evergreen State College, founded The Dances of Devotion (12 month Goddess Ritual co-creation process), led the retreat groupHarvest Women, and has taught elemental improvisation on Marrowstone Island. She's on the board of Dance Camp NW and moderates Speak Out for Safety - a group for non-binary & women dance folx in the Seattle area. As a sexual assault survivor, ritualist, & artist collaborating with spirits; V is engaged in deconstructing cultural appropriation in her creative narrative & is working to reclaim and practice her ancestral magicks.

Michelle Raine (she/her)

Michelle’s personal journey began in the dark mire of fundamentalist religion, domestic violence, and the patriarchal power-over paradigm. In 2011, she broke through the layers of oppression in her life and was reborn. Her calling as a healer, light worker and champion of her own soul was awakened. Michelle brings a vast tapestry of life wisdom, a powerful intuitive nature and a deep curiosity about the human experience to her work with clients and students. As a therapist and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Michelle is passionate about helping others tap into their innate ability to heal self and complete the initiation process that trauma often begins. She is determined to play her part in dismantling and healing the most pervasive form of trauma in our society, oppression.

Michelle returned to school in 2011 to get her bachelor of science in psychology and biological sciences and her master of science in clinical health psychology and nutrition. Her community service involves assisting with Dance Camp Northwest Peace Council, co-facilitating a dance for women, femme and non-binary folks, and creating healing circles for #metoo survivors. When Michelle is not teaching or holding space for others, you will find her feeding her own soul with yoga, dance, whole foods, writing, and deep human connection.  Workshops, classes, trainings and facilitation:

Kevin Haggerty

At the age of 2 years and 10 months, Kevin died (blunt force trauma to the head), went to the Other Side and was told he would have to go back. That’s what they said, in their speechless, infinitely kind way: “You need to go back.” Seems he wasn’t done with Life on Earth. His tiny self was heartbroken. He cried, and cried. Waking up in a hospital bed, after what appeared to his parents and the staff of the hospital to be a three day coma, Kevin became aware of helpers, angels, communicating with him, comforting him. When they told him he’d have to go back to Life on Earth, he had no idea they’d be coming back with him! He discovered that he knew things without being shown, knew things would happen before they did, knew when people were lying to him as if a loud game show buzzer had gone off at their words.

Kevin brings decades of ceremonial and magical experience to pretty much every aspect of his life. Kevin leads workshops now on Befriending the Self, Using Graphic Art to Shift Consciousness and Heal Trauma, Self-care for Caregivers, Consent 2.0, and Tarot Reading Without a Net. He also works with people individually, as a psychic reader/reality doula to regain their focus and reconnect with their soul’s purpose. (It can be done!) Kevin has dedicated his life to helping in every way he can to bring about the species-wide course correction of which our little world stands in such dire need.

Awakening the Wild Within: Empowering the Seed of Desire
Seven Root

Seven Root is a lover of life and dancer of dreams. Bringing groups together for integrated mind-body learning and sharing is an endless source of joy for Seven Root. He has organized and led ecstatic dance programs in multiple cities, co-produced personal growth workshops, and crafted curriculum for integrated physical education programs directed towards elementary school students. Seeking tools for greater connection, he has sought out trainings in non-violent communication, facilitation, and mediation. And in an effort to be closer to the earth, he became an organic farmer, permaculture designer, and amateur herbalist. Part sage, part clown, he can often be found leaping down on life with a loud laugh and a wild gleam in his eyes. He finds great satisfaction in connecting with community, which he most recently fulfills through fireside circle gatherings and interactive performance art experiences with Risk of Change.

Hali Ma

Hali Ma is a Wild Woman Awakener, and believer in the importance of all humans becoming more connected to their Soul and our Lover Earth. Nature is her great teacher, from which she learns and grows from within. As a practicing Speech Language Therapist for over 14 years, she has developed a deep sense of compassion and understanding of individual variability and difference. For over 5 years she has facilitated a myriad of workshops under the Awakening the Wild Woman banner, in which participants explore relationship to their own unique wildish nature through guided meditation, somatic exercises, vocal sound healing, drumming, catharsis, shadow work, ritual, interactive exercises, inquiry, storytelling, movement, and many other creative, magical activities.  Her fierce calling to activate a deepened sense of empowerment in as many beings as possible fuels the formula of each unique workshop. Themes have included:The Feral Woman; Rage and Forgiveness; Reclaiming our Feminine Power; Rage and Deconstructing the Predator; and Empowering the Seed of Desire. Hali Ma is radically dedicated to sustainability, conservation, self-care, and deepening community. She is currently co-crafting designs to create an urban farm and permaculture paradise at her home in the heart of NE Portland. Power to self-grown food and the Village!

Earth Our Muse: The Poetry of Ecosexuality
Carey French

Carey is a seasoned facilitator who first found her spiritual self through poetry. She has Mary Oliver to thank for the foundations of her ecosexual identity, and for the beginning of her love affair with the power of the poetic voice. She believes in the magical potency of words to transform reality and bring clarifying truth. Her work is primarily as an educator in the realm of consent, boundaries, and sexual sovereignty, but she moonlights as a DJ, jewelry-maker, conflict doula, photographer, and dancer.  

Shannon Pritchard

Shannon comes to this path having been saved, time again, by the legacy of poets that have come before her. Transformed and indebted to this mysterious journey, she has made a commitment to invoking the muse and passing along the poetic spark. She believes that language is holistic: that how we recite, the feeling and weight, is as important as the words we say. Her writing practice includes the poem store; a performative public writing ritual with her typewriter. She also has a background in dance, herbalism, honeybee magic, and handwork.

The Forest of Stories, The Power of Persona: Inquiry into Our Many Selves
Dare Sohei

Dare Sohei (they/them/us/we) is a somatic educator, ancestral medicine practitioner, and neurodivergent ritual animist who hears and communicates with voices. Dealing with many illnesses throughout their life they have developed an uncommon resiliency and a trauma informed approach to altered states of consciousness for pleasure, communion, and healing. They bring a heightened awareness of childhood, developmental and attachment traumas, equity informed dialogue and conflict facilitation, along with years of dance, circus and theater performance to work with the body to release trauma and receive life.

Savannah Sly

Savannah Sly is a career sex worker who specializes in BDSM and kink, with role play being chief among their favorite offerings. Though painfully shy into early adulthood, Savannah discovered that favorable traits such as confidence and sociability were accessible to them through a litany of tools relating to the mind, and the idea of "being seen". Savannah's sexual orientation is that of a sensual fantasizer, and they employ costume, fetish objects, art, and focused intention to shape shift. Savannah's gender is fluid, and they look forward to meeting you, and whichever aspects of yourself you care (or know) how to reveal.

Unspelling the Patriarch Within: Healing together as male folk
Ian Mae

Ian Mae is an ecosexual herbalist, a licensed body worker, peer counselor, a feminist and a queer, poly, genderfluid PAMP (person with access to male privilege) of European descent who has several years of experience participating in and facilitating transformational men's circles in the Portland area. At Surrender 2017  Mae was wedded into sacred marriage to Earth.  He has a magical background in Reclaiming Witchcraft, as well as the Northern Mysteries and works closely with the Runes as ancestral guides and teachers.  He believes that men working together to heal themselves and each other is a critical step on the journey towards collective liberation.

Jeffree Oshala

Jeffree’s experience stems from a background of Conflict Resolution, Feminist Studies, Anti-Oppression Activism, Magic, and the formation of a Men’s group focused on connection, healing, and accountability.

He has a background in Conflict Resolution, a career working with people in the developmentally disabled communities, lives on an urban land-based communal living project, and supporting the start-up and process of Men’s groups and leading workshops in the Portland area. He has a background and training in western herbalism, and is also a 3rd year student at the Blue Iris Mystery School. Jeffree aims to weave together his passions in Magic, Conflict Resolution, Feminism, and land-based ethics to work with male identified people to heal the wounds of patriarchy.

Sharing Nectar: Pleasure and Reciprocity in Relationship with Nature
Emily buffi

Emily’s first language is dancing. She can’t help but use her whole body to communicate. When she’s not creatively coaxing culinary cuisine, she’s dancing with trees and making out with leaves. When she’s not burying herself in the sound of the soil, she’s deeply listening to the heart songs in her human community.

A community builder, weaver of spaces, and anchor for radical self-expression, Emily provides grounded ecstatic support for wild embodied energy to flow. She passionately believes in empowering other humans to cultivate a deep relationship with their bodies, with their own private Earths. Emily facilitates embodied intelligence explorations through sensory-based nature walks, improvisational movement, spoken word, rhythm and sound gatherings, and compassionate witnessing and mirroring.

Gaia Surya

Gaia Surya works as a community builder, counselor, and healer in Boulder, CO. They regularly lead playshops and gatherings themed around feminine nourishment, eco-sensuality, and communication with nature, spirits, intuition, the body, and the "inner family."

They love dancing, crawling around with bugs, holding their loved ones, being held, and writing devotional love poems to poorly-loved things. They identify as bi-gender, eco-erotic, and psychic/empathic. This is, happily, their fourth year at Surrender.

EcoMagicks: Aphrodite, Animism & Ancestors
Reverend Benjamin Pixie

Reverend Benjamin Pixie has been actively romancing the wilds of this world for over half of his life.  He is husband to millions of virgin maidens who dedicate their lives to the sex work of the Earth, and lovingly serves 50 queens.  In addition to beekeeping, he is a mead maker, a conjurer of spirits, herbalist, a hide tanner, leather worker, & warrior poet. He is father of 2 shining radiant little witches.

Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi, MSW

Ecosex Celebrating Lover Earth, an event being held on Orcas Island Summer Solstice 2018 is taking up most of the Reverend’s time right now. Being Teri includes being the relational matrix of the Living Love Revolution, being a holistic sex educator, a Priestess of Aphrodite, a leader of the EcoSexuality movement, and an EcoMagicks practitioner. We have been generating CascadiaHolistic Peer Counseling system since 1997, holding Aphrodite Temples since 2000 and co-created Surrender:The EcoSex Convergence from 2013-2017. In July 2017 she started Interdependence and Autonomy LLC, a for profit business that builds consent culture by healing conflict through education and legal advocacy, creating consent-centric events. Reverend Ciacchi looks to Nature for guidance and wisdom. She translates the teachings she receives from mycelium (mushrooms), bees and stardust into useable social skills for human beings. They lead collaborative workshops and events that honor the innate connections between humans and the Living Earth. Recent publications include essays in the books: Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love  and Queer Magic. You can find her works at the following websites:  and

Self*Pleasure: Coming On To Nature, Coming In To Ourselves
Sarabell Eisenfeld (she/they)

Embodied communitarian, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, mediator, peer counselor, social permaculturist, seeker, lover: Sarabell’s roles in community on Earth grow from a delight, intrigue, and presence with communication, desire, and ritual.

As a Somatic Sex Educator, Sarabell facilitates individuals and groups accessing body wisdom, cultivating self-trust, unspinning shame, and expanding capacity to embody curious creativity and pleasure.

Trained also through Resolutions Northwest’s yearlong mediation training program, Sarabell serves community members, couples/moreples, all configurations of striving humans experiencing conflict.

Sarabell facilitates interrupting internalized and systematic oppression through Theater of the Oppressed playshops, and pursues trainings in Trauma Aware Conflict Transformation (with Rain Crowe,) Reiki (with Oakry,) Sexual Sovereignty with mentors Teri Ciacchi, Betty Martin, Amy Jo Goddard, Eva Blake, and Captain Snowdon, and Living Love Revolution’s Aphrodite Temple Priestess Training Body. Sarabell works with creatures of all ages, celebrating seasonal rhythms, self-awareness, allyship, and empowered self-expression.

Sarabell lives with 10 other people on an urban co-op ecovillage in Portland called Fosterville ( working to shift the dominant urban paradigm from land “ownership” to land stewardship, service, lovership.

Somatic Sex Educator, Mediator, Facilitator:,  610.804.6656

River Drosera

River is a queer non-binary femme and creator of The Erotic Arts Project, a program that celebrates the creative and erotic body of queer, trans, and non-binary artists and activists. They are an SSEA Certified Somatic Sex Educator and IASHS Certified Sexological Bodyworker with a private practice in The San Francisco Bay Area, Ohlone Territory. Their work is dedicated to honoring the myriad of identities that live in queer bodies and they are committed to supporting queer creative and erotic wellness. They believe in artists, both those who claim this identity and those who don't, and they believe that celebrating our bodies and desires gives us the freedom to lovingly, joyfully, and weirdly meander around into the glorious depths of our creative worlds. Find more about River at and

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