EcoSex: Celebrating Lover Earth is hosted on a private campground on the beautiful Orcas Island, WA. Details will be given in your registration confirmation letter. 


The land hosts a diversity of habitat for human and nonhuman animals to explore: A forest with towering Cedar, Hemlock and Fir trees, mossy logs, lichen-rich branches and salal filled forest floors. Home to deer and eagle, songbirds and squirrels, friendly farm goats, chickens and a donkey, the land invites you into your senses and your wild knowings.

How do I get there?

Getting here is half the fun! There are two ways to get to Orcas Island: by boat and by air. Most visitors & residents travel by ferry to and from Anacortes, WA. Click here to visit the Washington State Ferry website and view the current sailing schedule. See the next question about the ferry for more details. (If flying is more your style, there are regular flights from Seattle & Bellingham by San Juan Airlines and Kenmore Air.)

From I-5 take exit 230 for Highway 20 WEST to Anacortes. Follow signs for San Juan Islands/BC Ferries, approximately 20 miles. Reservations are HIGHLY recommended for ferry travel to and from the San Juan Islands. Travel by ferry takes approximately one hour from Anacortes to Orcas Island and is a scenic introduction to the San Juan Islands. Click here to learn more about taking the ferry or to make a reservation online. Reservations can also be made by phone between 4:00am -8:30pm PST, 7 days a week by calling 1-888-808-7977 from WA or 206-464-6400 from outside WA.

What about Parking?

Parking is available on site, about ¼ mile from the main event and is included in your ticket. There will be carts and golf carts available to help transport your items from your car to your campsite.

What’s the weather like?

Orcas Island has temperate climate, buffered by the ocean. It is usually warm and party sunny in June but all weather is possible! Plan for day time temperatures in the 60s or 70s, with cool nights, and the possibility of wind or rain.

What kind of camping is available?

The campground is a private, primitive campground. There is forest and meadow camping available. At each forest campsite there is at least one small cleared space available for a tent, along with a picnic table and an above-ground fire pit with a grill top. There is also no electricity at most camping sites. The cedar and moss and forest nymphs await you!

Is there camping with electricity

There is a designated camping space for those whose health requires electricity while sleeping. If this applies to you, please indicate this at onsite registration.

Is there van camping?

There is designated but very limited space for van/vehicle camping spots so we ask that these spaces be reserved for people who need access to them for medical reasons. There are no RV hookups for people hoping to camp in an RV. If this is an essential need of yours, please write to us at

What about the Ferry?

If you plan to drive to the event, it is essential that you reserve a space on the Ferry ahead of time. On the day of travel, it’s recommended that you arrive 45min-1 hour before your departure time. Even if you have a reservation, you will be put on stand-by if you arrive at the toll booth less than 30 minutes before departure. Ferry Costs: Each Vehicle and driver: $40.95. Each additional vehicle passenger: $13.50 Walk Ons: $13.50 Senior tickets (65+) cost $6.70 You can park your car for $10/day in the parking lot in Anacortes and walk on and then carpool with a friend to the venue. No need to reserve parking spots. If you want to drive your car, you will need a vehicle reservation. Ferry vehicle reservations are released in 3 tiers. The first tier is 2 months prior to sale date, the second is 2 weeks prior, and the 3rd is 2 days prior. The reservations are released at 7am on each of these days. It is highly recommended that you set an alarm/reminder to be online at 7am to make your reservation as they sell out very quickly in the summer season. These are the specific times when ferry reservations will be released for June 20th (arrival) and June 24th (departure):

June 20th: Anacortes to Orcas
Tier 1: April 20 at 7am
Tier 2: June 6 at 7am
Tier 3: June 18 at 7am

June 24th: Orcas to Anacortes
Tier 1: April 24 at 7am
Tier 2: June 10 at 7am
Tier 3: June 22 at 7am

This is the page where you can make your ferry reservations. Please review the WDOT page for more information. We cannot be held responsible for the WDOT Ferry Fees.

General Questions

Showers & Bathrooms

There are four hot water outdoor showers available for use, the showers require tokens that can be purchased at the Lodge, $3 for 7 minutes. We also encourage you to bring solar showers and coordinate with others to set them up in clearly designated areas. Please only use earth friendly products to wash your body as they go directly into the forest.There are porta-potties distributed throughout the venue.

Drinking Water

Delicious well water will be available for drinking. Please bring your own water bottle.

Food & Hearth

This year, the Hearth Keepers are holding space and organizing the meals in the Rainbow family tradition. This means that while we will be buying beans, rice, and greens, we are asking people to bring things from their own gardens and supplies to add to the community soup pot and large stir fry. We will also have 4 food carts available for you to purchase delicious supplemental foods and treats. The closest store is 10 minutes away, but this is a closed event, so you will not be able to leave to purchase food during the event. Each of the campsites has its own grill for you to prepare your own food. We recommend bringing your favorite snacks to supplement these meals. *Be sure to bring your own Plate, Bowl, Cup & Utensils, or rent them from the venue for a fee*

The Grizzly Flats Commons

Located in a grassy meadow, surrounded by forest, the Commons is the heart of the event, where we gather to enjoy each other's’ company, share food, and more. Some of our presenters will also be selling handcrafted items, aphrodisiacs, and herbal medicines. You will want to bring cash. For the first time, we are offering spots for up to 10 vendors whose items will be curated. If you are interested in vending, indicate that on your registration form.

Tea House

This year the tea house will be in the lodge, and will be tended by our venue hosts. At the Tea House, you will find a select offering of herbal and medicinal teas, both hot and cold. Every participant will receive one complimentary tea token to use during the event. Additional tea may be purchased for $1/cup, or with an event-long tea pass for $20. **Be sure to bring a mug so you can enjoy all these items!**

Swap Shop & Drag Closet

The Swap Shop is a space to give and get clothing and gear. The Drag Closet is a place to play with your physical presentation. Mirrors, makeup, and body paints will be available. Surrender your old clothing, costumes, makeup, and body paints for community fun!

Healing Oasis

Give a massage, receive a massage, offer reiki sessions, enjoy yourself, and relax at the Healing Oasis.

Creation Station

Let’s make art together! We will be providing a small amount of markers, pastels, colored pencils, paper, scissors, and glue. We invite you to bring art supplies to share with the community as well.

Grizzly Flats Commons Vending

Members of the ecosexual community will be offering some of their crafts, books, artwork, medicinals, and creations for sale and trade. If you are interested in vending, please indicate that on your event registration.

Cell phones & Internet

The venue has good cell coverage. There is access to WiFi, but we encourage participants to use the opportunity to step away from digital devices for some time. There are only a few locations with electricity to charge your phones.

First Aid

We will have a first aid and self care station available in the Grizzly Flats Commons. There will also be a Medical Team on site.

Lilith’s Forest

Lilith’s Forest is a section of the private campground that will be designated for full (consensual and negotiated) celebration of our wild, erotic, and spiritual selves. Full public nudity and outdoor sexual activity are welcome in Lilith’s Forest after attending Thursday afternoon’s plenary session. Please be sure to read, understand and be able to embody the EcoSex definition of consent. We ask that if you plan to play in Lilith’s Forest that you not “cruise the forest looking for hook ups” but rather use our negotiation station (or some other lovely spot outside of Lilith’s Forest) to make agreements about levels of engagement and states of consciousness. and then enter the forest with your intended lovers with an already stated intention and basic agreements already outlined. This allows us all to mitigate uninvited behaviors and increases the likelihood of welcome responses to courtship gestures and foreplay frolicking. If you want help in learning how to successfully negotiate and achieve enthusiastic “Yes!” responses, you can look for a consent ambassador and request coaching. Consent Ambassadors like to hang out in the negotiation station conveniently located in the Commons.

Shrines & Altars

We will be co-creating natural, earthen altars throughout our gathering space that will be available for personal practice, ritual or meditation. We invite attendees to participate in the co-creation of these spaces through our time together on the land.

Food Carts

Local food carts from Orcas Island will be offering for sale delicious food, lovingly prepared.


The Lodge is a gathering place where you can find tea or coffee and relax. The Lodge will also be a workshop space during designated times. It is also the place to buy shower tokens: $3 for 7 minutes of on demand propane heated hot shower.


This 100 year old barn serves as a gathering and workshop space. The basketball court will function as a fabulous dance floor, and is available for general use whenever there is not a scheduled program activity using the space.

What are the amenities of the venue?
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