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We see food and nourishment as an intimate and sacred part of our lives, and a necessary part of our relationship to our beloved Earth and our human community. We also understand that several ecological and physiological factors inform how we each choose to relate to this timeless practice of nourishing our bodies.


At EcoSex, we are offering several options for how participants nourish their bodies during the gathering. For new and returning participants, please be sure to read on below, as the options to nourish your body are different from previous years.  


Bring Your Own Food:

Each of the forest camping sites has an above ground fire pit with a grill provided by the venue, and several of these above ground fire pits are available to those who will be in the Camping Meadow. Participants are invited to bring your favorite camping foods and prepare it on the grills provided or to bring your own camp stove to prepare your food. We recommend bringing a cooler to store your food out of the reach of critters.  


Food Carts

Local Orcas Island Food Carts will be in the Commons offering for purchase their delicious dishes, made with many ingredients grown on Orcas Island. You can plan to eat all or some of your meals at the Food Carts. Vegan and Vegetarian options will be available.


Community Hearth

A Community Hearth will be set up in the Grizzly Flats Commons. The Community Hearth is an experiment this year - come experiment with us! We invite you to bring vegetarian food items to donate to the Hearth -- for example, veggies from your garden, farm fresh produce, fresh or dried fruit, bulk rice or beans, perhaps your favorite condiment! The raw ingredients will be lovingly prepared by the Community Hearth Team along with volunteers to create nutritious meals that will be available during the event meal times. Please be sure to bring your own Plate, Bowl, Cup & Utensils.


We recommend that if you have allergies or a restrictive diet that you bring enough food that will meet your needs.

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