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It is mandatory for everyone attending Ecosex: Celebrating Lover Earth to attend the plenary session “Ecosexual Consent” on Thursday afternoon of the event. You will also be signing a waiver stating that you understand and agree to abide by our specific definition of consent. All presenters, members of the organizing team, and participants of the festival have signed written statements that they understand and will abide by these definitions. Clearly we are serious about this.

As the organizers of EcoSex: Celebrating Lover Earth we are especially focused with sexual ethics and etiquette and issues around consent regarding physical touch. We also hold EcoSexual identity to be concerned with embodying and enacting the values of sexual sovereignty/sexual autonomy and wildness. For us EcoSexuality requires constellational thinking, a belief in the sacredness of selves and others and a desire to extend empathy and compassion to others.  Consent is essential to SBS. Consent is two (or more) autonomous adults deciding together to do the same thing, at the same time, in the same way with each other- whether it is physical, verbal, or sexual. It is the presence of a clear “yes”, not the absence of a “no.”


EcoSex: Celebrating Lover Earth Definition of Consent


We are choosing to adopt four principles for evaluating consent as valid given by ethicist Morten Ebbe Juul Nielson (“Safe, Sane and Consensual -- Consent and the Ethics of BDSM,” The International Journal of Applied Philosophy 24:2 (2010): 265-288). Nielson asserts that consent draws its moral force from the idea that individual freedom and autonomy is a basic human right and cannot be given to acts that destroy autonomy.

For consent to be valid it must:

  1. Be Informed, with both (or all), parties fully understanding the activities they are agreeing to perform and their risks;

  2. Must be whole-hearted and intentional (“enthusiastic”), not being used as a bargaining chip;

  3. Consent must be voluntary, not compromised by the threat of force or harm;

  4. Consenting individuals must be competent (not intoxicated, under extreme emotional duress, underage, etc).


For the purposes of Ecosex: Celebrating Lover Earth, consent must also not be obtained while the persons involved are doing trance work, invoked as deity, in the middle of a ritual process and or already within the boundaries of Lilith’s Forest.

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