Surrender is an annual gathering to bring together wild souls who express a love for Life by stewarding and merging with the Earth through the whole of their bodies, minds and spirits. Over the course of five days in an oak and pine forest, Surrender creates space for deep grounding of participants with the land and in the sacred sensual prayer of life. Together, as we open our hearts to the Earth and to each other, we connect, support, grieve, celebrate, listen, learn, inspire, imagine and create.

Surrender weaves together permaculture, ecosomatics, large group ritual, earth-based spirituality and artistic expression all within a sex-positive container that celebrates sexuality as a powerful source of personal, social & ecological transformation. Surrender creates a cauldron for deep connection, healing, and collective creation where life is sacred, our bodies are sovereign, and the Earth is our beloved partner with whom we collaborate to create abundance.

With the forest as our witness and as our guide, we participate in rites of initiation to affirm our role as EcoSexuals. Eco-Magick path-work and group ritual inspire the experience. Workshops are offered on topics that range from permaculture to sacred sexuality. During the evening, we further build community with activities ranging from cuddle piles to erotic temples, healing massage to ecstatic dance. Throughout the long weekend there is ample spaciousness to create art, make music and commune in Lilith’s Forest with the divine.

Listening intimately to the land and each other, we surrender to the deep consciousness of Nature in order to evolve towards a culture that is life positive, sex positive and ecologically sustainable.

All of Earth’s lovers are welcome.


“Our first and most important partnership is with Life itself.” 
– Christiane Pelmas,


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